Trust, but Verify

Defyre is the world's first blockchain initiative focused on empowering individual participants of Defi projects (stakers, hodlers, and developers) to audit the security and ecosystem of any contract, at any time.

Work Process

Empowering the community

The Defyre Project is a revolutionary initiative focused on providing on-chain security and risk data for ERC20 tokens, allowing users, developers, operators, Exchanges and Automated Market Makers (AMM) to assess the risk of tokens they own, or in the case of Exchanges/DEX/AMMs, preventing malicious actors from publishing tokens on their platforms.

  • Security Audit results are made available directly on the blockchain

  • Anyone can query risk scores from our Defyre Data Oracles

  • The community votes on projects to audit, and verifies results

Security Checks

We take a comprehensive approach to delivering every audit, not only by analyzing a smart contract's technical data, but taking a deeper dive into the project, the business model, the community and the people behind them.

Static Code Analysis
Static Code Analysis

Contracts are audited using the latest technology in solidity static code analysis, including trusted open source tools such as Mythril and Slither, as well as proprietary software.

Project Fundamentals
Project Fundamentals

Projects are not only evaluated on the technology used, but also on the fundamentals of the project itself (Token, Contract, Yield Farm), the business model, and associated risks.

Developer Risks
Developer Risks

Building trust within the community requires developers to first earn that trust from the people they are serving - we take a deep dive into those risks and the team behind them.

Liquidity Risks
Liquidity Risks

The term "rug pull" has become well known in DeFi because of projects promising insane returns, and maliciously draining the liquidity pools leaving holders with a worthless coin.

Social Sentiment
Social Sentiment

We take a deep dive into the community behind every project, tokane, or Defi Platform being audited, analyzing the overall sentiment of the community that may affect stability.

Whale Risks
Whale Risks

Whales can be a problem for crypto because the concentration of wealth, especially if it sits unmoved in an account, increasing price volatility and force of each move.

The Timeline

The Defyre roadmap below is a summary of the project's development, which has been organized into 4 phases.

Token Distribution

The Defyre Utility Token (DFUT) lies at the center of our ecosystem, allowing us to fund the project (Development and Infra. Overhead), allows the community to vote on governance issues including which projects to audit, take stakes in projects we audit, incentivize stakeholders, and incentivize the community.


At launch, the Defyre Utility Token will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% Team Allocation
  • 10% Infrastructure Overhead
  • 10% Locked COI Wallet (Learn More)
  • 5% Airdrops
  • 65% Liquidity Pools


Learn more about our token distribution model at our official documentation page.


Token Distribution Docs

Frequently Asked questions

How can I buy the Defyre Utility Token?

The token is set to launch between April and May of 2021 on major Automated Market Makers on the Binance Smart Chain, for more information visit our official docs page.

When will it launch on Ethereum's Mainnet?

Our developers are actively working on getting this done, however, due to transaction costs with Ethereum we have decided to first move forward with the Binance Smart Chain implementation.

How can I stay tuned on updates?

Visit us on our Telegram channel, Medium, or subscribe to our email newsletter for more up to date information.

I'm a developer, can I submit an audit request?

Yes. Soft Audits can be submitted directly through a smart contract transaction, hard audits can be requested ad-hoc. For more information visit our official docs page.

What the target price for the DFUT token?

We try not to discuss or speculate "price" and focus on the value of the token strictly as a utility token to execute our vision and secure the community.

Is this classified as a security?

No, and not to our knowledge, and furthermore we make no legal (or otherwise) claims whatsoever of any kind regarding the value, price, volatility, security or legality in any jurisdiction whatsoever. The DFUT token is strictly focused on being a utility token to carry out the service of auditing smart contracts.

Is the project anonymous?

For the moment, yes, due to several factors including the current state of affairs and acceptance of crypto in general, as well as the security of our team members and nature of the project.